SACCO dairy-free cultures

The demand for lactose-free or plant-based foods and drinks is constantly increasing, as is the demand for alternative products to the classic milk or yogurt of animal origin. 4Choice is the new Sacco System range of dairy-free cultures composed of pure and controlled hypoallergenic cultures, free of known allergens and products of animal origin.

The cultures of the 4Choice line are perfect for plant-based fermented products and drinks based on soy, coconut, rice, almonds, oats, hemp, cashew, and lupine, and ensure the final product rapid fermentation, good consistency, and development with a unique flavor and aroma.

The range of plant-based lactic acid bacteria for products intended for vegan, vegetarian, and lactose intolerant consumers

The 4Choice range ensures a controlled and uniform production of fermented products of origin plant and are available in both the version lyophilized (Lyofast) and frozen (Cryofast).

4Choice plant-based lactic cultures: a solution for every need!

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