Special chemistry and pharmacology

TH Palmira supplies raw materials to manufacturers of varnishes, paints, dry building mixes (dispersions, rheology modifiers, functional fillers) and the cosmetic industry, as well as pharmacies (surfactants, substances). Our partners are companies of the top-20 manufacturers of paint and varnish industry in Ukraine – Polisan, Eskaro, ZIP, Faydal Ukraine, Ferozit and many others. The total number of clients is over 100 companies.

In recent years, we have introduced new types of raw materials from our suppliers (talcs, kaolins, bentonites, acrylic resins), and also developed new solutions and new products for the industry. In the future, we plan to significantly expand the list of offered raw materials and cover the industry’s customers, as well as enter the top 3 companies in the market of ingredients for paint and varnish, construction mixtures, and individual industries (cosmetics, pharmaceuticals).


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