Glycerin by Centro-chem

We often tend to think that any E-supplement in foods is harmful to the body. In fact, it’s just a classifier of substances from the EU standard (hence the letter E). Most often, these substances are absolutely safe for the human body. They help your favorite dishes to have exactly the taste and texture that we love so much.

One of these additives is glycerin (E-422) – a flavourless transparent liquid with a triatomic structure of sugar alcohol. In the food industry, it is used as a flavor stabilizer, thickener or sweetener. Almost any confectionery that we like so much contains this component: from cakes, chocolate or pastries to jams and fermented milk products.
In addition, glycerin is known for its moisturizing properties. Therefore, it is widely used in cosmetology: creams, masks, shampoos and even dishwashing detergents. It is glycerin that helps maintain skin hydration and well-being after prolonged contact with hard water.

New super offers appeared in our assortment: 99.5% glycerin and 99.5% pharmacological glycerin from the Polish manufacturer Centro-chem. We supply in convenient containers with a volume of 20 l and a weight of 25 kg at extremely attractive prices. Special offer – free glycerin samples. We are confident in the quality of our products, and before ordering, you can verify it personally. Get advice!