Collagen-containing Biola Wellness Drink

Collagen is a protein that is the main building block of the skin. He is responsible for the strength of cartilage, bones and skin elasticity – it is almost 80% collagen. With age, collagen fibers begin to lose their integrity, which invariably affects the condition of the skin: it becomes flabby and wrinkles appear on it. For many years, collagen has been used effectively in cosmetology, and more recently, food manufacturers, which emphasize the trend of healthy and functional nutrition, have added it to their products.

One of such companies in Ukraine is Biola and its new Wellness Beauty drink, which impresses not only with its taste, but also with healthy healthy ingredients. In turn, Palmyra supplies all the necessary components for creating innovative products from world industry leaders, so that Ukrainian manufacturers work only with high-quality raw materials, and consumers receive only the best.