Bridge construction conference

On September 11-12, a conference on “Actual problems of repair and maintenance of bridges” was held in Odessa, which was organized by State Enterprise “Derzhdor NDI”. The event brought together major bridge construction experts as well as a specialized scientific community. During the conference, the problem of critical condition of the infrastructure of Ukraine and the beginning of the fall was traced with a red thread. However, the purpose of the conference was not only to outline the problem, but also to outline a plan of action to solve it, as well as to discuss tools for maintaining road capacity by maintaining bridges (maintenance, reconstruction and extension of service life).
Palmyra also had something to offer in this vector. The manager of our company Movchan Vyacheslav made a report on the theme: “Restoration and protection of bridge structures with the use of heavy-duty C5 concrete. Application of carbon (carbon) materials Dow to strengthen the bridge structures.”
In addition to theoretical knowledge, though applied in practice, we presented to market participants new products and solutions: additives SAM 110 and SA SAM 110 – innovative developments for the Ukrainian market.