Agar Agar VEGIGEL® in leaf form

In times of changing eating habits, vegetarian and vegan products are playing an increasingly important role. The source of food also plays a decisive role for many ethnic or religious groups (kosher, halal). Until now, the purely plant-based gelling agent Agar Agar was only available in powder form or as a mixture with other gelling agents.

With VEGIGEL®, GELITA has now been able to provide Agar Agar as a standardized leaf using a new manufacturing process. VEGIGEL® offers numerous advantages for the preparation of food, such as the same gelling power for every single leaf, a higher melting point, and ease of use.

  • Every single leaf has an exactly defined and identical gelling strength, which greatly simplifies dosage specifi cations in recipes.
  • Agar Agar has a significantly higher melting point than the classic gelling agent gelatine. Therefore food remains stable for longer even in hot regions.

For professionals and hobby confectioners!

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