DuPont is an American chemical concern, one of the top-2 global producers of food ingredients. In 2011 Danisco (Denmark) joined the company, with which Palmyra has been cooperating since 2001. on the rights of exclusive distribution. Direction «DuPont Nutrition & amp; Health produces a wide range of ingredients for food and beverage producers, food additives and animal feeds, providing enhanced biosecurity, better taste and texture with greater economic efficiency and reduced environmental impact.
Products from DANISCO:


  • Starter cultures

  • Texture

  • Taste

  • Biosecurity

  • Cost-effectiveness

  • Reducing the impact on the environment

Firmenich – this is not just the name of the company that produces fragrances and fragrances. This is also the name of people who have been providing services to their clients for 110 years. The company Firmenich is the largest in its industry, owned by the same family. The company creates high-quality aromatic compositions for use in their customer brands. Very often, just by adding the fragrance Firmenich to products, it becomes a bestseller in the world market.

Products from Firmenich:
– Aromatic compositions
– Modulators of taste

Kerry Snack is part of the Kerry Ingredients division of the Kerry Group Group of Companies. The company produces flavoring spices for the snack market. In terms of sales, Kierry Snack is the undisputed leader in Europe. Many years of experience and successful sales in 120 countries of the world open up a truly mysterious world of colors and flavors for Ukrainian snack products.

Kierry Snack Products:
Taste the aromatic compositions for snacks

The GELITA Group of Companies produces the highest quality gelatin under the trademark GELITA®. Gelatin is widely used in a variety of formulations for the manufacture of food products, as well as in the photo industry and in the pharmaceutical industry. Being a market leader, the company combines in its name a reliable partner together with an innovative approach to production, and confirms all the above-mentioned technological support.

Products from the GELITA Group of Companies
– Gelatin
– Collagen
– Collagen peptides
– Fats, proteins, minerals

BDF Natural Ingredients is a company specializing in the research and production of ingredients and additives used in the food industry. The company is constantly developing new production lines, offering innovative and technological solutions for our customers. The company has extensive experience in the national and international markets, which allows it to offer a high-quality product tailored to the individual needs of each customer.
Products from BDF:
– Transglutamenase
– Encyclopedia
– Enzymes
– Nutrition supplements

Arla Foods Ingredients is part of Arla Foods Group, a global dairy association in Sweden, Denmark, Germany, the UK, Belgium and Luxembourg. Arla Foods Ingredients produces proteins derived from natural milk whey for use in many sectors of the food industry.

Products from Arla Foods Ingredients
– Whey proteins
– Milk proteins
– Concentrates
– Lactose

ROKO is one of the largest Agar manufacturers in the world. The company started its production in 1955. The company ROKO produces Agar, obtained exclusively from seaweed Gelidium and Gracilaria.

Products from ROKO:
– Agar – produced exclusively from seaweed Gelidium and Gracilaria.

Ashland is the world leader in the production of binders for foundry, specialty adhesives, polyester resins for the automotive and construction industries, automotive and industrial lubricants, and many other auxiliary materials. To date, Ashland is part of one of the world’s largest chemical holdings Ashland Inc., which has offices in all countries of the world

Products from Ashland:
– Modifiers of rheology
– Thickening systems
– Dispurgers
– Solutions for oil and gas production
– Special adhesive adhesives

Organik Kimya is a group of manufacturing companies specializing in ingredients for the paint and varnish industry: polymer emulsions, chemicals, pigments for paints and coatings. And also ingredients for the production of fabrics, leather and leatherette, and for many other areas of industrial production.

Products from Organik Kimya:
– Polymer dispersions
– Thickening systems
– Dispersants

20 Micron is the largest producer of white minerals in India, offering innovative products in the field of functional fillers and specialty chemicals. Based on a deep understanding of various industrial requirements, the company provides customers with individual products based on their specific requirements. The company’s products are widely used in a variety of industries around the world.

Products 20 Micron:
– Functional fillers
– Micronized minerals
– Talc

Carboline supplies high-performance coatings, gaskets and flame retardant products, continuously using technological improvements and first-class service. Having one of the most advanced research and development facilities in the world, the company is able to provide unique solutions for customers anywhere in the world.

Products from Carboliane:
– Anticorrosion protection

Mitsubishi Chemicals is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of industrial products, materials and chemicals. In its activities, the company implements the Kaiteki principle, the original concept of Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings Group (MCHC Group), which affirms the way forward in the sustainable development of society and the planet, offering new value in various fields.

Products from Mitsubishi Chemicals:
– Acrylic blends
– Protective Coatings

Five Star Products, Inc. is a team of professionals who implement practical and creative solutions in the field of industrial construction and rehabilitation. The company pays special attention to providing solutions that meet the ever-growing demands of modern industrial construction. The company’s product line includes high-performance products based on cement and epoxy resin, designed specifically for use in difficult conditions.

Products from Five Stars Products:
– Repair and concrete solutions
– Non-surplus mixtures
– Solutions for underwater repair

Hamlet Protein is a global supplier of new generation soy protein products for the feed industry. Features of processing technology deprive soy all anti-nutritional factors, guarantee the maximum digestibility of the protein. The company’s products are used for feeding piglets, calves, domestic animals, poultry and aquacultures.

Products from Hamlet Protein:
– Highly digestible soy concentrates
– Protein products
– Solutions for feeding young animals
– Optimization of the diet

Perstorp is a world-famous global company, founded in Sweden more than 130 years ago. The company develops and delivers innovative chemical reagents, has a global reputation for quality, reliability and the addition of real measurable value to the industries in which the product is used.

Products from Perstorp:
– Acidifiers
– Preservation of haylage, silage, corn
– Antioxidants
– Antibacterial food for feed

OVER Group offers effective products for livestock producers. The company specializes in the production of preparations for the livestock industry, developing new products and improving existing ones on the market. The assortment of the company includes preparations and products carefully selected in accordance with the needs of modern highly productive livestock.

Products from OVER Group:
– Treatment of the udder before and after milking
– Treatment of wounds
– Protection of the horny layer of hooves

Hindalco Industries Limited, metals flagship company of the Aditya Birla Group, is the industry leader in aluminium and copper. With a consolidated turnover of US$15 billion, Hindalco is the world’s largest aluminium rolling company and one of Asia’s biggest producers of primary aluminium. Its state-of-art copper facility comprises a world-class copper smelter and a fertiliser plant along with a captive jetty. The copper smelter is among the world’s largest custom smelters at a single location. Today, Hindalco ranks among the global aluminium majors as an integrated producer and a footprint in 10 countries outside India.

Mewah Group – one of the world’s largest producers of palm tree oil. Mewah Group also produces a wide range of another oils and special fats with it’s own factories located in Malaysia and Singapore.

Mewah products:
– Confectionery fat
– Special fat
– Palm oil
– Milk fat’s substitutes

Danisco is a Danish company engaged in the production of food, enzymes and a wide range of pharmaceutical fillers. The company is one of the leading manufacturers of ingredients for food and other consumer products. Since 2011, it is part of the DuPont conglomerate.

Products from DANISCO:
– brewing crops
– texture
– taste
– Biosecurity
– economic efficiency
– reduction of environmental impact

Tate&Lyle is one of the largest manufacturers of natural sweeteners in the world. Their stevia-based supplements: Intesse™ Stevia, Omega Stevia and TASTEVA® are compositions that have a pure taste and can significantly reduce sugar content. They will be a perfect choice for food and drinks manufacturers who need to reduce their sugar content.

The company’s products are represented with natural sweeteners:
– Stevia
– Sucralose
– Fructose

Aditya Birla Chemicals is part of the Aditya Birla Group, specializing in the production of phosphates, sulfates, chlorides and epoxy resins. The company strives to become a global supplier of solutions for the food, feed and additives industry, offering functional ingredients.

The variety of company’ goods consists of:
– Phosphates
– Sulphates
– Chlorides
– Epoxy resins

Manuchar is a global trading, logistics and distribution company headquartered in Antwerp (Belgium). Our trading activities cover Chemicals, Steel, Polymers, Pharmaceuticals, Wood, Spare Parts, Paper and Cement. Our distribution and also local value added logistics are mainly focused on Commodity and Specialty Chemicals in which we are rapidly becoming top 3 in Latin America, Africa and Asia

Agakim is a highly qualified producer of common and special dispersion products. Acrylic, styrene-acrylic, PVA and much more dispersions are used in production of paints, coatings and adhesives.
Product solutions for construction, textile and mining are available from Agakim.
Company solutions are based on long-term experience and high quality standards of the company.

Company’s range of products consists of:
Acrylic dispersions
Styrene-acrylic dispersions
PVA dispersions

Hugestone Enterprise Co., Ltd. is an active manufacturer and supplier of chemical products on an international scale. It owns four factories and holds shares in several joint-ventures. Now Hugestone has expanded its lines with over one hundred kinds of products in Food Ingrdients & Feed Additives, Nutriceuticals( Biochemiclas) & Botanical Extracts, Pharmaceuticals and Intermediates.


  • Ascorbic Acid Coated/DC
  • Calcium/Sodium Ascorbate
  • Ascorbyl Phosphate
  • Citric Acid
  • Sodium Citrate
  • Fructose Crystalline



Biospringer is a historical key player and global producer of yeast extract and derived ingredients from yeast. Biospringer products consist of unique range of yeast extracts and derived yeast products, from dried yeast to natural flavors which can be applied in the food and beverage industry.

With such a product range and dedicated teams of technical and scientific experts, company supports its customers in the development of flavorful recipes and solves specific developments challenges: taste improvement, formulation of healthy and nutritionally balanced recipes, off-note masking.


Pancosma is one of the world’s major producer of animal feed additives. Company has an extensive worldwide scientific network, including leading universities and renowned academic and industrial scientists to develop the best sweeteners, flavours, organic trace minerals and other products for animal food. Company is present in 75 countries and has 7 production plants worldwide.

BLG was founded in 1996 as a company manufacturing carrageenan, konjac gum and agar-agar. Company has two factories, which are located in Shanghai & Zhejiang Province, China. Today BLG has become a famed brand in the hydrocolloids market. Company uses top-graded seaweed from Philippines & Indonesia, combines advanced processing technology and perfect extraction skill to produce high quality carrageenan & agar-agar which fits Chinese, EU and other international standards.

Sacco is a biotech company that has positioned itself in the international market since 1934, as a producer and partner in research areas, scale up, production and packaging of selected frozen and lyophilized, microbial cultures, to be used for the production of probiotic products.
The Labware division develops and markets laboratory instrumentation and equipment and materials and reagents that find their application in many sectors, from food to pharmaceutical, university to research.

The company Centro-Chem was founded in 1998 in Poland as an initiative of a group of friends. On the beginning – we were a small, local company, owning one lorry, distributing our materials among local customers. Over the years of development we became one of the largest companies in chemical raw material distribution sector in Poland.
Today Centro-Chem employs nearly 80 people. We have our own warehouses, offices and fleet of lorries and vans. Although significant growth through the years, our company underline the same values, on base which it had grown – reliability, attention to customer and friendly working environment.

Green + Natural is technology company focused on developing, manufacturing of feed additives and feed materials for animal nutrition.

GN makes natural waxes and soluble fertilizer.

The Scelta story is the story of a true Venlo mushroom family. The father of Jan Klerken, CEO and owner of Scelta Mushrooms was truly the founding father of what exists today. In 1963 he set up Champex, a mushroom-growing business. Five years later, Champex also started canning mushrooms. At the age of 16, Jan took his first steps in the world of business when he started work for his father’s company.

When Champex was sold in the late seventies, Jan headed to France and Spain in his lorry to buy mushrooms and to process them in the Netherlands. He sold this company in 1988, remaining involved as managing director for a further five years. In 1993, Jan decided to set up the company Scelta Mushrooms. Scelta innovated and expanded. Partly as a result, the company moved a number of times. Today, Scelta is one of the biggest players in the global mushroom world.

Fermentation Technology. Naturally.

Jeneil’s core competency and proficient product development is driven by biotechnological innovation supported by natural fermentation. Jeneil Biotech, Inc. offers unparalleled specialization of natural processes to create several value-added products including natural dairy flavors, specialty soy products, natural flavor molecules, probiotics and cultures, and fermentation-derived bioproducts, such as biosurfactants and their derivatives. Research and development is driven by over 15 microbiologists and food scientists with Doctoral, Master’s, and Bachelor’s degrees. Our production plants are vertically integrated to deliver products with consistent quality, flavor, texture, and functionality. Substantial warehousing capacity supports on-time deliveries and reduced lead-time for superior customer service.

Samyang Corp. Is a South Korean concern that specializes in the production and distribution of chemical products, food, animal feed, pharmaceuticals, etc.

Trading House Palmira cooperates with Samyang in the field of materials for water treatment, being a distributor of TRILITE® ion-exchange resins in Ukraine.

Samyang Corp. offers a full range of ion exchange resins not only for water purification, but also for other special processes. Premium TRILITE® Ion Exchange Resins are supplied to a wide range of customers in the power, electronics, food and beverage industries in the United States, Japan, China and Southeast Asia.

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