FISH Business Ukraine 2019 Exhibition Forum

The fishing business in Ukraine is developing at a rapid pace. Finally, the domestic industry integrates into the global and European context, which is certainly facilitated by events aimed at bringing the Ukrainian segment closer to Western partners. One of such integrating events will be the first international FISH Business Ukraine 2019 exhibition, dedicated to the development of the fishing industry and fishing hobby in Ukraine. The Palmira company will take part in the event and also present its products to visitors.

Among them are highly effective proven drugs from Igusol, the quality of which is proven by numerous experiments on fish, shrimp and other aquaculture representatives:

– Igusafe WS hepatostimulator. It is a powerful drug that stimulates work and protects the liver of aquaculture from the effects of poor quality feeds, viruses, bacteria, parasites, pharmaceuticals and even stress factors.

– Micro-encapsulated highly concentrated essential oils and Emerald plant extracts. The unique technology allows to release essential oils quickly and quickly along the gastrointestinal tract at the right places, and the drug improves activity, stabilizes the balance of beneficial bacteria, enhances immunity and acts as an internal barrier, reducing digestive disorders.

– Mycotoxin Solvance Prevent shield.
Forages afflicted with mycotoxins lead to great economic losses due to poisoning, mortality, reduced growth and productivity, reproductive and immunosuppressive problems. To combat mycotoxins, Igusol has developed a powerful protection – the mycotoxin adsorbent Solvance Prevent. The drug supports the digestive, immune and reproductive systems, neutralizes the negative effects of mycotoxins, increases the number of lymphocytes and improves immunity.