XV International Conference and Exhibition “Poultry Breeding 2019”

XV International Conference and Exhibition “Poultry Breeding 2019” is the most anticipated event of the year among Ukrainian producers of poultry meat, eggs and feed.

Palmira company participates in the event as a decision expert, catalyzing the global trend of “antibiotic-free meat”.

Today, in the world where they have learned to make artificial meat, the threat of antibiotic resistance to Ukraine is a matter of time and competitiveness!
In this regard, it is important for the Ukrainian manufacturer to find solutions to replace antibiotics to protect animals and birds from disease, ensuring their healthy development and high production performance.

Palmira company cooperates with leading innovative companies: Igusol, Pancosma, Perstorp, HAMLET PROTEIN, Green & Natural, Hunan Gomeet Biotechnology Co., who have been consciously, in detail and with dedication for many years developing animal and poultry feeding technologies, without ANTI-BTI. the importance of their inventions for the future of humanity as a whole.
You can find out more about alternative products offered by TD Palmyra at: http://www.ait-magazine.com.ua/…/files/palmira-stranicy-48-…