Functional Fats MooFat

Functional Fats MooFat

One of the ways to save the livestock, improve milk quality indicators, increase the productivity of dairy cows is to use special-purpose and targeted components in feeding.

Currently there are many complementary foods available to supplement the energy intake of cows. However, the most popular and effective ones are protected fats.

Starting from 2020, Palmira has been presenting protected fats from GN Good Nutrition on the Ukrainian market. Already from the first month of work, we have taken a leading position, offering to domestic farms 4 types of MooFat™ protected fats – Target, TOP, Active, Ace, which guarantee high results and, accordingly, increase profits.

Today we want to introduce the new MooFat™ TIPTOP protected fat with an optimal balance of palmitic and oleic acids in the composition. In the near future this product will become an ideal solution for many enterprises that can safely apply one MooFat™ TIPTOP fat to two groups of animals at once.

For more detailed information, please contact the staff of TH “Palmira”.